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The first time in my life I’ve put on liquid eyeliner for a casual day.

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New profile picture on Facebook.

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I took this in latin class yesterday.

boredom 2011~

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I guess you could say I’m pretty popular…

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…is it weird that my initial reaction was to put on real clothes instead of pajamas, as if this was some formal event that I felt disrespectful attending while wearing shorts and a tanktop?

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Yes, Dad, sending me creepy and unattractive photos like this months after the event is totally normal.

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My mom was going through her old clothes, and was about to throw away the dress she wore on her wedding day at the reception. I stopped her, saying I would wear it, just to keep her from throwing away such a memory. I went up to my room and decided, what the hey, I’ll try it on. This dress is so amazing and vintage and adorable and I want to wear it to Junior Prom, with bright red lipstick and my hair up and brightly colored heels. This is great.

The pictures don’t do this wonderful dress justice.

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Am I a hipster yet?

~*~*~*~*we r starstuff*~*~*~*~

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My mom just posted this on my Facebook wall. This is me exactly 12 years ago, on my third birthday. It’s now my fifteenth birthday woohooo!

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I cut my hair, ALL BY MYSELF. I feel so adult.

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