my sad playlist - for future ref

Aug 9    2

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every year our school has senior switch day where seniors are allowed to switch places with a teacher for a day but since there are obv more seniors than teachers not many people get to do it - but last year I was walking down the hallway and a teacher stopped me and was like “what teacher are you supposed to be?” and I was just wearing my normal clothes

Aug 6    5


one time when I was a sophomore I was walking down a dark hallway and a senior was walking the other way and when we crossed paths he grabbed me really hard by the arm and said into my ear “you listen to me, you slut” and then he let go of me and started laughing and said “I’ve always wanted to say that to a girl”

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I got into Hampshire! I’m so incredibly excited. Top choice, woohooo!

Mar 30    8

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accepted to Denison University!

Mar 17    2

Musical season ended a while ago - I’ll miss it more than anything. I can’t believe I’m never going to be with these guys again. Such an amazing experience.

Mar 13    3



It’s sad how much it means to me.

I feel so validated & loved !!!!!!

Mar 7    1


pic I took outside the bathroom before Arctic Monkeys came on

moments after this picture was taken, an adult Indian man approached me and asked me to buy him a beer because they wouldn’t take his transcontinental identification. he was so certain I would be his saving grace that I didn’t have the heart to tell him I’m a little ways away from 21. so I told him I forgot my ID. he was very sincere and I felt bad.

Feb 9    2

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I feel like everything behind “cisphobia” is like when you talk to a guy about feminism and they’re like, “oh, if we’re equal, we can hit you, right?” and you’re just like, “no, it doesn’t mean we should be able to hit each other, it means no one should hit anyone.” Like, I totally understand that cis folks will never understand the trials and stigmas associated with being trans* or non-hetero. Just as men will never understand the trials associated with being female. And I’m not mad about jokes about cis people, or white people, or men, and I’m not saying “don’t send cis people death threats,” I’m saying, “don’t send anyone death threats because no matter who it is, it’s the wrong thing to do.” It’s just that comments made at a group of people’s expense rubs me the wrong way from a humanist standpoint. This isn’t even directed at anyone in particular, I just felt the need to form some sort of opinion on this. It bothers me when I see a post about someone complaining that “cisphobia” exists (I don’t think it exists, just as I don’t think sexism against men exists, and I don’t think white racism exists) and then the comments don’t even disprove the original author, they just make fun of the OP. I get that it’s equatable to a first world problem and seems like cis people deserve to be the butt of jokes, too. But the more I think about how often I’ve hated people for making jokes at the expense of certain races and ethnicities and sexualities, the more I get mad at myself for tolerating jokes about my own identity. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the way to stop cis people from making fun of trans* people isn’t by making fun of cis people.

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testtubeadult —> saturdaynightdead

old dog, old tricks

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“I want to be as consistent as possible. Every time I’m on camera I want people to be like, ‘Whoa, that was really good.’ But I think it’s such an insane request of a person; to be funny all of the time. I wake up every day, and I have moments in every single day in my life, where I question myself like, ‘Am I actually still funny?’”

Kyle Mooney

Feb 4    22

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today I bought a pregnancy test (and a toblerone) for my friend who had a pregnancy scare and was too anxious to get one herself

and then I comforted my other friend with HSV 1 because she had her first hook-up during an outbreak and had to tell the guy about it, and then got all self-conscious and depressed

it’s a hard-knock life

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If you guys follow me on Twitter I’ll totally follow you back and fav your shit

Jan 12    2


so I kind of have this irrational fear of driving

every time I try and drive I seriously freak out it’s the scariest thing to me

and I just found out my parents got me a car for christmas

and it doesn’t matter what kind it is but it’s this old volvo that used to be my neighbor’s and I’m really uncertain about how safe it is

and I have to pay for insurance and gas

and this is really not what I wanted

but I feel like such a brat for being unhappy because any normal teenager would love a car

so I feel really sad and guilty and stressed

Dec 24    2


Just got into La Salle with a major scholarship :)

Dec 14    4

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